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Animal nutrition

Omega 3 are vital for humans, but also for animals which need vegetable proteins for their normal and healthy development. Animals convert the ALA they consume in plants (algae, grass, etc.) into DHA. Studies by the INRA research institute show that a higher concentration of Omega 3 in their food (cattle, sheep and goats) has numerous advantages. Animals fed with this type of regime are healthier and more productive.

Animal nutrition

Valorize the protein derived from extracts for cattle, sheep and goat feeds

Today’s specialists in animal feed are increasingly interested in enriching their products with DHA. The aim is two-fold:

  • to develop feed with a high nutritional value that will stimulate animal growth and improve the richness of the milk produced by dairy cows,
  • to improve the fertility of the animals.

In order to meet these needs, Fermentalg has been working on exploiting the meal extracted from algal oil during the algae-sourced DHA production process, as well as meal that is rich in protein and lipids.