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Microalgae have a particularly interesting property for cosmetology in that they are able to protect themselves against any environmental factors to which they are exposed.


Enrich the range of natural cosmetics thanks to the properties of microalgae.

They produce antioxidants, pigments and vitamins (A, E, B1, B3…) that can be used in cosmetic products for various purposes, from the prevention of dry skin and free radicals to skin cell renewal. Certain strains, for example, have detoxifying properties that can slow the ageing of skin cells.

While they are already present in sun cream and hair products, their potential is in no way exploited to the full.

Fermentalg technology will provide the cosmetics industry with quality biomass products at competitive prices and will be used to develop other strains of microalgae with more complex properties, enabling the industry to broaden its offer and meet increasing consumer expectations and demand for natural and ecological products.