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Human nutrition

Human nutrition

Over the next decade, microalgae will become THE solution for producing Omega 3 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids omega3, particularly DHA2, are highly coveted for their involvement in preventing numerous diseases (reducing cardiovascular risk for DHA).

These omega3 are classified as essential fatty acids: the body can not produce them, has yet absolutely necessary. Health authorities, among them ANSES2, recommend regular DHA consumption as food supplements up to 250 mg per day for each of these molecules.

95% of omega3 come from marine resources, whether wild or farmed. But while demand  experience strong and sustainable growth, the supply is now facing major constraints:

  • The presence of contamination in fish oils : fish assimilate contaminants and toxins (mercury , PCBs, dioxins , arsenic) that are found in their flesh. Thus we sometimes find their traces in the marketed capsules of DHA;
  • A strong variability of DHA due to seasonality and species of microalgae consumed by fish, variability that is associated with a lower content of DHA of farmed fish ;
  • An overfishing leading to the rapid destruction of resources;
  • A strong odor of fish oil, a qualitative constraint with which the food industry can no longer be satisfied.

Why DHA derived from microalgae are THE solution for the future?

  • Because unlike fish oils, the oils produced from microalgae present much higher levels of DHA;
  • Because these oils do not contain cholesterol or contaminants;
  • Because they also benefit from a favorable image as plant cell and due to less odor.

1: DHA : DocosaHexaenoic Acid
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