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The phenomenal biodiversity of microalgae and their numerous industrial uses clearly advocate greater research into which wild strains are best suited to market constraints (quality, cost and sustainability of algae-sourced molecules), and how to optimize the processes involved at every stage - from breeding conditions and the technologies used to extract molecules of interest through to industrial production.

R&D at Fermentalg is headed up by 3 departments:

  • The Cellular Biology Department whose remit is to identify the best candidate cell strains. Fermentalg’s Cellular Biology Department has one of the richest strain banks in the world made up of thousands of species from all types of habitats, and uses high throughput screening to identify the different strains to be patented.
  • The AEP Department (Analysis Extraction Purification) which is responsible for identifying molecules of interest. Fermentalg’s AEP Department has its own bona fide laboratory specialized in the analysis, extraction and purification of molecules of interest.
  • The Process & Scale up Department which is in charge of defining and optimizing harvesting techniques and capacities in order to scale up production from laboratory to large-scale industrialization (30 to 150 liters) and subsequently validate breeding processes.
Fermentalg’s additional strength lies in the fact that it has built up the departments and expertise needed to market algae-sourced products.