DHA ORIGINS®, sustainably-produced omega-3 for natural health

Discover our range of DHA ORIGINS® omega-3 products

Fermentalg, expert in industrial biotechnology of microalgae, provides oils rich in DHA (omega-3).

From a sustainable source, our strains of Schizochytrium sp. naturally produce oils with high levels of DHA. These high quality products are obtained in natural triglyceride form, without any physical / chemical concentration steps, and use very gentle refining processes without complex chemistry.

Our DHA ORIGINS® range, made in Europe, is perfectly suited for the development of your range of dietary supplements, beverages and health foods.


Fermentalg has developed a range of DHA ORIGINS® oils. All come as triglycerides in different concentrations and natural colors suitable for all your product development projects.


  • Consumer-friendly: ideally suited for vegetarian/vegan products and consumers concerned about the environment, with scarcely perceptible organoleptic properties
  • Ethical: 100% plant-derived origin, allergen-free, clean process
  • Different concentrations: 400, 510 and 550 mg DHA (values as FA)
  • Highly attractive: available in a wide palette of colors, orange, yellow and white
  • Pure: free from heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants
  • Many possible applications: food, drinks, dietary supplements

DHA ORIGINS® 250-Y softgels

For greater convenience and faster market release, we offer nutraceutical laboratories a 100% algal concept with size 10 soft oval capsules, each containing 250 mg DHA. Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards, this ready-to-use dietary supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • A nutraceutical product that is ready to use and can cite DHA health benefit claims in Europe
  • Concentrated DHA softgels: 250 mg/day with just 1 capsule!
  • Purity: GMO-free, pollutant-free
  • Organoleptic quality: flavor- and odor-free
  • Application: nutraceuticals market


Fermentalg realizes that many dry formula product development projects (powder sticks, tablets, capsules, etc.) require a non-liquid source of omega-3s. We therefore also offer the DHA ORIGINS® microencapsulated powder.


  • A plant-based technical product: microencapsulated powder of algae oil (Schizochytrium sp.)
  • Concentrated DHA content: 170 mg/g DHA (value as FA) and 250 mg DHA in 1.5 g powder
  • Purity: GMO-free, pollutant-free
  • Organoleptic quality: scarcely perceptible odor and flavor
  • Many possible applications: food, drinks, dietary supplements

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