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Microalgae: Macrosource of well-being

Thanks to an immense biodiversity and its know-how, Fermentalg is able to select microalgae capable of synthesizing natural products of high interest: oils rich in fatty acids (omega-3), natural pigments (phycocyanin, astaxanthin) and proteins.

Will you succumb to the amazing properties of microalgae?

An algal industry born of scientific ingenuity

Experts in microalgae culture, Fermentalg offers concentrated products and natural extracts from industrial fermentation processes that are innovative, durable and highly controlled.

Fermentalg targets global markets for human nutrition, animal nutrition and the environment by exploiting the exceptional properties of these micro-organisms.

Sources of health

DHA 350

Essential Omega 3

Our "Novel Food" certified algal oil is aimed at food manufacturers as an ingredient that is easy to incorporate into products and that provides health benefits to customers and consumers.

DHA 550

A concentrate of virtues

Our high DHA (550 mg DHA/g oil minimum) and low-saturated fat oil provides new formulation perspectives and provides a sustainable response to the growing need for omega-3 rich oil.

Natural pigments

With antioxidant properties

These pigments, in multiple colors, produced under highly controlled conditions are promising industrial but natural substitutes for current health, human nutrition and cosmetic markets.


Ingredient with high nutritional density

Naturally rich in essential amino acids and including powerful antioxidant molecules (phycocyanin and carotenoids), this vegetarian ingredient is characterized by a neutral taste which facilitates its incorporation into your food.

The Carbon sink
Algal forests for your daily life

Thanks to photosynthesis, our microalgae can capture and transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gases and thus contributes to the slowing down of global warming.

Fermentalg and the Suez Group intend to introduce these carbon sinks soon, which are concrete and sustainable solutions in a circular economy, in the form of columns of microalgae.

Experts and talent
Governance Careers

Fermentalg brings together experts from algal science and industry around its values:



The curiosity, and motivation of the teams along with exchanges on a daily basis drive their creativity and innovation


The women and men of Fermentalg involve themselves in the development of each project with a view for industrial and commercial deployment. The expertise, the talent and the purpose of the teams secure the robustness of the processes.

to success

Fermentalg is a biotech with the soul of a start-up. The teams develop the results of their scientific research through to industrial processes, in order to bring the fruits of their work to market and to make them a financial success.

Together for
the algo-economy

Fermentalg is evolving in the dynamic world of intersecting projects, which reinforces the cohesion of its employees around the development of algal products.


Financial Information

Since its creation in 2009, Fermentalg has been of interest to institutional investors.

In 2014, its public offering confirmed the general public's interest in the strong industrial potential of the Biotech. Fermentalg is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (Euronext). (FR0011271600 - FALG).

Shareholder Notebook

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Code ISIN: FR0011271600
Sector: Chemistry
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