We reveal the potential of micro-algae

Contributing to human health

  • Our industrial team produces highly concentrated Omega-3 with lower content of saturated fatty acids for the proper functioning of human cardiovascular, cerebral or visual systems;
  • Our laboratories are developing new food ingredients that can restore natural colors to our food while providing real health benefits to specific populations such as infants, athletes and the elderly.

Helping to secure world food supply for a growing population

  • Our scientific teams are developing new  highly nutritional non-animal proteins that can limit the ecological footprint of intensive agriculture and livestock farming;
  • As the original source of Omega-3s, micro-algae replace the intensive fishing of  “fodder” in areas of high level of tension.

Targeting atmospheric pollution

  • Using proprietary algal bio-filters, our engineers are deploying innovative technologies to capture CO2 and other harmful atmospheric pollutants in urban centers.

  • The quality of our strain selection allows us to use only extraction processes that respect the environment, by eliminating any organic solvent.