Are you looking for an intense,

natural and stable blue color?

Fermentalg has developed BLUE ORIGINS®, the only natural acid stable blue color.

BLUE ORIGINS®, an extract rich in C-phycocyanin,
is obtained from a unique microalgal strain capable
of growing in extreme conditions: Galdieria sulphuraria

Galdieria: a unique

Galdieria sulphuraria is a red microalgae naturally rich in C-Phycocyanin, a water-soluble blue pigment that provides an intense blue color.This extremophilic red microalgae is specifically found in highly acidic volcanic hot springs and calderas, i.e. environments with low pH and high temperature.

After years of research, Fermentalg has successfully sourced and cultured this strain in order to extract this acid stable C-Phycocyanin.

*A patented fermentation
and extraction process

BLUE ORIGINS® is obtained by fermentation, a process perfectly suitable to Galdieria sulphuraria. Fermentation refers to grow microalgae in a closed system without light. This process offers multiple benefits.
  • Better productivity (≈10 times greater than other growing methods in the same amount of time)
  • Constant quality (temperature and pH levels are closely monitored and controlled)
  • Complete traceability
  • A pure product with no external contaminants
  • Reliable supply year-round (no weather or
    seasonal variations)

    Through its extensive expertise in the fermentation of microalgae, Fermentalg has become a pioneer in the industrial exploitation of its Galdieria sulphuraria.

    BLUE ORIGINS® is extracted from Galdieria sulphuraria through a patented gentle extraction process. This process allows preserving a high C-Phycocyanin concentration, while ensuring optimal yield.

    * Fermentalg owns 8 inventions through 82 patents in relation with Galdieria sulphuraria processing and use.

    A strategic partnership
    for food and beverage

    Our extract BLUE ORIGINS® allows combining naturality with optimal stability. The blue color is more acid stable, opening avenues to a wide range of applications like beverages.
    A strategic agreement has been signed with DDW to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of BLUE ORIGINS® in the food industry, particularly in the beverage segment.


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