We take care of our employees

and our local communities

The safety of all is paramount to us

Safety first!

We train our staff regularly on best safety practices, use third party experts to control our procedures and assist us in bringing our working conditions to the safest level.

Contributing to good causes

Committed to its territory, Fermentalg supports the education of young people by contributing to the popularization and promotion of science and its positive impact on health and the preservation of the environment.Fermentalg also encourages its employees’ initiatives in favor of charitable actions related to health and environmental protection and actions in favor of disadvantaged people.

A diverse and inclusive employee base

With 56% women in our personnel, we achieve parity between men and women. We strongly support the promotion of women in leadership and management positions.
And bottomline, we fight against all kinds of discriminations.

Defending gender equality at work

Defending the place of women in the workplace is a mission that is particularly important to us. With more than 55% of our team being women, we act daily to reduce pay inequalities.

In terms of the indicators measured for the year 2022, Fermentalg obtained a score of 87/100 on the gender equality index, an 11% increase from 2021! We therefore continue with conviction our actions in favor of gender equality to improve this index by 2023.