We naturally extract all the algal benefits

Why fermentation?

Using fermenters to produce algae has advantages in productivity, in control, in quality and in consistency.

In addition, fermentation allows scaling to large volumes without having to use land extensively.

Sustainable manufacturing

Production in fermenters means that our algae are not subject to the vagaries of seasons or weather.

By growing our algae on sugars instead of sunlight we can reach productivities and densities tens or hundreds of times greater. This means we save on water and power and minimize our environmental impact.

Gentle extraction

We aim to use the gentlest extraction techniques possible.

Today, the processes we have developed to extract both our oils and our pigments avoid drying the biomass and use just water for separation.

Scaling up to innovate

We have taken multiple processes from laboratory to industrial scale. We now have an in-depth knowledge on how to bring innovative micro-algae based commercial products to the world.

Bringing it all together