We use our science to understand Nature

Why algae?

Algae have more diversity than the whole plant kingdom. Yet they are barely used in today’s world. Fermentalg believes that the potential of algae is enormous as we look for more natural and sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

Searching for unique micro-algae in the wild

Our teams go literally to the ends of the earth to search out the microalgae with the best characteristics for your products.
All that while respecting the environment and preserving biodiversity.

Screening for strain characteristics

Back in the labs, strains are individually assessed for both their current and future potential.

Selecting the most promising strains

Thanks to the way we grow our strains, we get to improve on Nature. Only using traditional non-GMO techniques,  we lead our algae to make more of what we want—faster.

Saving strains for the future

We aim to preserve the strains we collect and produce. Our bank of over 2500 strains serves as a reserve of biodiversity for future developments and a basis for all our industrial production.
Cryopreservation ensures our strains are stable for decades. Not a lot happens at -150°C!